The Orlando Pride Festival 2019!!

So I finally got to go to Orlando Pride this year!!
Oh my Gaia let me tell you how much fun it was!! I went as an Ally with one of my best friends and tattoo artist Lanie! It was a last minute thing and I don’t think I would change one minute of it!
First of all holy shit, when we got their parking was intense. I don’t live in a big city or anywhere near one. So Downtown Orlando is always overwhelming. You think I would be used to it with all the traveling I do there for Jude’s Dr appointments and other things!
Anywayyyss we almost got stuck in an Nursing homes parking lot. We just pulled into what we thought was a public parking area but then immediately realized it was the parking lot of a nursing home, or maybe a 85 and up living facility. ( They were very capable of handling themselves and they were lol. ) The gate they we came in started to close and as we thought we were going to have to fight for our lives in the geriatric apocalypse a fine older gentlemen told us how to leave lol! We looked like hooligans so he knew we didn’t belong there!
After escaping an unknown fate we drove around more and finally found a public parking garage!
We got out of the car and went on the hunt to find PRIDE. A nice man pointed us in the right direction and then we saw more and more people equally going the same way.
You could just feel the positive energy in the air. People were dressed in whatever they felt comfortable in and no one was giving bad looks!! Everyone was so accepting. I never felt so carefree! We found a good spot for the parade after grabbing a couple drinks and eating some ZAAAA. The parade in itself was amazing! Seeing so many business that embrace equality and care about their fellow human was amazing! People where hugging each other and passing out all sort of cool little knick knacks. It was nothing like I have ever seen! We had so much fun and swore we would be going next year! We missed some of it since it was a last minute thing but we still saw so much!
I have never been to a festival that was so positive. People were bumping into one another and instead of giving dirty looks and whispering naughty slurs they were apologizing or just smile and being polite. I have never been surrounded by so much happiness and love! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

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