First Blog Post!!!!

Hello All!!!
I am so excited to officially start this journey!! I have always wanted my own blog/podcast/vlog but I’ve never really had the push! Recently I joined in on my friends vlog on YouTube called “Dirtynerdygeeksquad” We do “into the realms” videos where we review spooky movies and talk about other things like D&D! It has been really fun! You should definitely check it out! But I really want something more personal for myself. A place where I can sit in my bath and just type shit out. (As a mombie I do cuss a lot, so I guess this is your warning lol)
This blog will be very personal and very raw. But it will also be very fun and you will get to know the real me! A lot of people only see me for what I post on social media and that is nowhere near the full real story! I would like to post in here at least twice a a week! So please hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on a post!!

I would love to talk about suggested topics so please fill free to leave comments or shoot me an email!!

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